July 30, 2011
Skillet Cookie

This may be the best damn chocolate chip cookie I have ever made.  For all that I can bake, cookies give me the most trouble.  (As do brownies from scratch, but I think I’ve finally cleared that hurdle.)  Every recipe is different — sometimes they should be pulled out early, sometimes late, and it’s entirely too easy to miss the mark altogether.  Maybe because I’m a chewy cookie girl and try to make every cookie into a chewy one.  Maybe.  (Why crunchy cookies exist, I’m not sure.  Talk about a waste of calories.)  Whatever it is, cookies tend to be my culinary nemesis.  I have the hardest time making them just so.

And then I stumbled upon this delightful little recipe by Heidi Swanson, who crafted her version based on Kim Boyce’s chocolate chip cookies.  Two of my favorite cooks of all time and one masterful rendition of the classic.  Dense, moist, chewy, not too sweet with a terrific crumb — mind-blowingly good.  And whole grain to boot.  These women are geniuses.

Needless to say, it’s bangin’.  I finally have my go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe.