February 23, 2012
Insult to Injury

Apparently standing for ten hours a day plus walking the half mile to/from the metro at a clipped pace has triggered my ankle injury from when I was training for the half and full marathons.  As in, both ankles.  Every night they ache and throb and scream.  Every morning they are tender and tentative.

Last week was the first time it hurt as bad as the initial injury.  I woke up and semi-limped around the apartment until my tendons warmed up.  Because that’s all sorts of good news.

Worse still is that my hands and wrists have acquired a constant ache.  They’re stiff, sore, and less dexterous and agile than they usually are.  My knuckles look swollen, but I can’t decide if that’s true or if my eyes are playing tricks on me.  I’m too scared to try on my rings for fear that they don’t fit.  My dainty, slender, piano-playing fingers resemble those of an ogre.  Fanfuckingtastic.

Apparently these symptoms are common; par for the course when standing on your feet squeezing pastry bags for hours on end.  One of the other bakers had to get her wedding ring re-sized — not what I wanted to hear.

It’s gotten to the point where I’m debating seeing a doctor.  My hands and wrists ache so much they wake me up at night.  What happened to cupcakes being a cushy job?

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July 12, 2010

Last Monday I hurt my ankle.  Absolutely no idea how; there was no “ouch” moment when I misstepped or was aware that I hurt myself.  Strapped on my VFFs, turned on the treadmill, took two steps, and went HOLY SHIT.  And then completed all my sprints anyway.  Because I’m smart like that.

My best guess is it’s a stress or overuse injury.  Someone suggested sprain, but I didn’t twist it or have a definite “whoops.”  Someone else suggested tendonitis, which seems more on par, but I’m not entirely certain.  (Said uncertainty stemming from the fact that I’m self-diagnosing without anyone actually evaluating it.)  The best description I’ve read yet is this, which sounds pretty on point.

In any event, it’s put me out of commission.  I spent Monday night sort of limping and Tuesday really limping.  Wednesday the pain eased and I was able to walk a bit better, albeit gingerly.  I’ve been icing and elevating when possible, but I’m in New York and walking everywhere, which means there is no further improvement.  I’m pretty sore and worn out after even an hour on my feet.  The ice and rest thing has been near impossible — there’s so much to see and do.

Much to my dismay, I haven’t run since.  It’s killing me.  I think  I could, with some discomfort, but I’m trying to be smart about it and have taken the week off.  Every day I tell myself maybe tomorrow, and every tomorrow it still hurts.  Wahh.

Also, no running + abundant eating and drinking = I almost threw the scale out the window this morning.  And after so much progress!

I’ve been invited to run with NYC BridgeRunners, and have been looking forward to it for days.  Immensely.  The run is this Wednesday (I even extended my stay to be able to attend) and I’m really hoping my ankle shapes up by then.

Then there is the whole half marathon thing.  In less than three weeks.  Holy fucking shit.

I’m totally bummin’.

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