January 26, 2012
The Big Jump

This week has been NUTS.  On Monday evening I got a call asking me to come in for an interview first thing Tuesday morning.  The alarm went off at dark o’clock to give me plenty of time to shower and blow dry my hair and freak out about what to wear and get there with time to spare.  The interview went well and I was really taken with the place.  I left feeling excited and hopeful.

Shortly after arriving home, I got a call asking me to come in for an interview at another place on Wednesday morning.  Two hours after that I got yet another call asking me to come in for an interview at a third.  I was on FIRE.

On Wednesday morning I met the second person and was absolutely smitten.  A very cool, unique space, a fun concept, an array of tools and tasks utterly new to me.  I left both stoked and torn — I didn’t know which to choose.

While the two jobs are in a related industry, the places and tasks themselves couldn’t be more different.  One is a boutique priding itself on attention to detail and fine, delicate products.  The other is easily ten times bigger, offering dozens more products in a bustling rapid-fire environment.  The first is an assistant baker position at a boutique bakery.  The second is a pastry sous position at a hip new restaurant.

I chose the first.  Baking and pastry is my passion.  While the restaurant was exciting, I opted for the opportunity that offered the finer craft and the attention to detail.  I opted for depth over breadth.  As for working conditions, I’m a morning person.  The daytime hours of the bakery appealed to me over the nighttime hours of the restaurant.  It’s a small space with more opportunity to touch more things.  I’m looking forward to learning and growing and developing my skills.  I’m about to be dirt broke but I’m hoping I’ll finally find my niche.  Here’s to diving in head first.

I start on Monday.

December 20, 2011

Yesterday I got a call from a prospective employer out of the blue.  The highlight of our conversation went as follows:

Prospective Employer: How long did you work at [enter company name here]?
Me: Thirteen months.
Prospective Employer: Who did you report to?
Me: [Enter boss name here], the Chief Executive Officer.
[Enter long pause in which I check to be sure we weren’t disconnected.]
Prospective Employer: Isn’t that a record?

Apparently word gets around.

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October 23, 2011
This Angst Shit Ends Soon, Right?

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February 23, 2011
Daily Zen


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August 10, 2010
Procrastination Pro

I am one of the best human beings on the planet when it comes to procrastination.  Seriously.  If there is a set schedule and that affects others, I can get it done on time, no problem.  So that’s good; at least my procrastinating doesn’t fuck up my performance in the office or similar.  But when the only person that is affected by it is me, I’m screwed.

Need to pack for a big trip?  The night before.  Late the night before, after cooking and cleaning and putzing around on the computer and hey, maybe Teet and I should finally watch that DVD she’s been bugging me about.  Need to research a prospective employer for an interview?  Morning of.  Need to write a blog post that I’ve had several days’ notice for?  Down to the wire.  Need to workout?  Five hours later I’m still dragging my feet.

I get these things done, but the end result ends up being more difficult.  Not only have I stressed about it all day,  but I’ve come up with countless “first I’ll do A, then B, then C, no later than X allotted time,” none of which actually stick.  Five other things get thrown into the mix, regardless of their imperative and/or urgent nature, nothing is done in the order or time frame that I set for myself, I fester over it further.  Then there’s the fact that I’m literally losing sleep over it (in terms of packing well into the night) or running in the heat of the day, when it’s the absolute worst time to be out there.  And still I do this to myself.  Every day.

One day I’ll learn.  Until then, I’ve got six miles to run, which means it’s back to Tumblr for me.

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